There are various types of mattresses available in the Indian market like foam,spring,memory foam,coir,latex etc.This article talks only about latex mattress and provides details like different types of latex mattresses ,advantages,process of choosing the best latex mattress in India and the top 5 mattress list for easy selection.

There’s a lot that you should know about latex mattresses. A latex mattress is a mattress that’s made out of latex foam. The foam in itself can be made in multiple ways. The three most popular types of latex foam include:

Now traditionally, latex is made out of the sap of a rubber tree. Manufacturers have two options to choose from, with regards to the method of manufacture.

There’s a ‘Talalay Process’ and a ‘Dunlop Process’. Latex mattresses made using the former process are softer as compared to the mattresses made using the latter process. The ‘Dunlop Process’ helps make firmer latex foam.

Before going into the pros of a latex mattress, let’s establish certain facts. These mattresses aren’t the most comfortable nor do they relieve pressure points by any means.

Having established that, let’s look at some of the pros of these mattresses:


There are many other advantages of having a latex mattress in your bedroom and some disadvantages as well. Check here and here to understand more on pros and cons of latex mattress.

Have you ever wondered how these latex mattress differ from more popular memory foam mattress? Watch the video below to get to know this

Before you go ahead with a purchase, there are certain things that you should know about well in advance:


You could also watch the below video to get to know some of the details that you should check before buying a latex mattress online

The latex mattresses have been lately starting to conquer the market due to large number of benefits that they provide.

Best Latex mattress in India

The latex mattresses are easily foldable and can be stored in a minimal space very easily. The latex has some anti microbial properties as well which prevents the growth of micro organisms on the mattress and keeps the mattress fresh.


The following are some of the best latex mattress models available online for the customers to pick.


Best latex mattress to buy online in India

This natural latex portable mattress from FoamsIndia brand is our first best latex mattress in India.

This cosy mattress from Foamsindia can be used over various surfaces. The anti microbial material prevents microbial growth and keeps the mattress fresh always.

The mattress can be easily rolled and stored in a small space easily. The protector is made of rubber and can be easily washed.

The product is available in a wide range of colours and designs to fit to the moods of every customer.

The mattress uses high quality zipper which works fine in different temperatures. The mattress can be bought from through the following link:

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Best quality and branded latex mattresses to buy in India

This natural latex mattress from Dreamzee brand is our second best latex mattress in India.

This latex mattress provides the necessary support for the spine while sleeping apart from providing the necessary comfort.

The mattress has the ability to relieve a majority of the pressure points of the body. The mattress is made up of pure natural latex and is healthy and safe.

It also prevents micro organism growth. It puts the Motion Isolation technology to use.

The mattress comes with a 5 years manufacturer warranty. One can buy this latex mattress from Amazon India store by visiting the following link:

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Top 5 best latex mattresses to buy from online stores in India

This king size latex mattress from Urban ladder is our third best latex mattress in India.

The material of the mattress is latex rubber foam and has appropriate dimensions to fit into a king size bed.

The product is delivered to the customer in a pre assembled stage. The mattress is highly durable and comes with a pro-rated warranty of 10 years.

The mattress can be bought at an exciting price from Interested buyers can visit the following link to buy the same:

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Best latex mattress to buy from Amazon India

This is another 8 inch king size latex mattress but it is from Amore international which is our fourth best latex mattress in India.

This latex mattress from Amore comes with an out of the box 10 year warranty on the manufacturing defects.

The mattress has plush pocketed manganese alloy springs and is made of hypoallergenic latex foam.

The corners are square cut so that it can easily fit in cribs. A 100 percent polyester soft cover adds to the comfort of using this mattress.

The mattress is perfectly dimensioned for a king size bed.

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Top 5 best latex mattresses from reputed brands in India

We have started off with FoamsIndia mattress and ending the list with the same brand.

This natural latex pearl mattress is our last and fifth best latex mattress in India.

The mattress is made of 100 percent natural latex and comes with a pillow as an accessory.

The warranty that Foamsindia provides on the mattress is a whooping 15 years. The product dimensions are suitable for a standard king size bed.

The mattress can be bought from online furniture store by visiting the following link:

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The latex mattresses are a great investment and provide all the comfort balanced with medical benefits as well. The features and the price of the mattresses can be used to decide on the model to buy.

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