Best Home Ladder in India to buy online in 2018

There are various types of ladders available in India and we discuss more on what ladder will be good for home use and the best home ladder in India.

We all know what a ladder is. We all know what a ladder is used for. We all also know, that there are many different types of ladders. But do we know exactly what are the different types of ladders?

Various types of ladders in India:

Step Ladders: The best thing about step ladders is that they are self-supportive. What one means by self supportive is that they don’t need to be placed upon a wall of any sort, they can be placed anywhere with minimum support.

Extension Ladders: An extension ladder is the ideal ladder if you want to reach great heights. These ladders however, need to placed/leaned upon a wall and generally are made up of two, separable parts.

Platform Ladders: Platform ladders are step ladders that have a platform at the very top. The benefit of this platform is that it allows a person to stand on a ladder for long periods of time without feeling too uncomfortable.

Telescoping Ladders: You know those ladders which work like a slide-phone? You slide it up and it becomes big and once you are done with it, you can slide it back down so that it becomes compact again. That in simple words is a telescoping ladder.

Now you have a little bit of knowledge on the different kinds of ladders. Next, you should know what to look out for when you are trying to purchase a ladder for home use especially.

Given below are the things that you should look at in a ladder before you purchase one for yourself:

top 10 best home ladder to buy online in India

Naturally what comes next is the product itself. So here are some of the best home ladders that you can purchase online in India:

Top 10 Best Home ladder in India in 2018:

#1.Bathla Ultra-Stable 4-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder for Home use:

Best home ladder to buy online in India

This foldable aluminium ladder from Bathla is our first best home ladder in India.

This is a 3.6ft ladder that has just 4 steps and weighs barely 6kgs. When you compare it to other ladders, this can definitely be classified as a lightweight ladder.

All the 4 steps and the legs of the ladder too, are covered with some kind of anti-skid material. Hence, safety and sturdiness is more or less guaranteed.

The primary material that’s been used to make this ladder is aluminium thereby giving it certain characteristics like: waterproof and rust-proof.

The entire ladder, top platform included is designed in a manner that stresses on the sturdiness of the product.

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#2.PAffy Folding Ladder with Wide Steps – Milano 5 Steps with 7 Years Warranty :

Best quality ladders for home use in India

This folding ladder with wider steps is our second best home ladder in India.

Not the most eye-pleasing ladder but it does the job, that’s for sure. It is a folding ladder and has dimensions of: 52 x 45 x 150 cm.

Different kinds of materials such as steel, rubber and plastic have been used to manufacture this particular ladder. Totally, the ladder has 5 steps, each of which are wide and hence,allows the ladder to take large amounts of weight right up to 150 kgs.

The ladder in itself is not particularly light ,weighing around 8.6kgs. Both: the ladder’s surface as well as its feet are covered with anti-skid material giving it the much required rigidity.

As a whole, this is a very durable, strong ladder that’s portable too, and hence, ideal for home or office work.

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#3.Cipla Plast Heavy Duty Folding Ladder with wide steps:

Top 10 best home ladder to buy online in India

This heavy duty foldable ladder from Cipla is our third best home ladder in India.

In appearance, this is almost a carbon copy of the ladder above. What’s more is that the primary material of this ladder too is powder coated steel which to be precise is the exact same type of steel that’s used in the ladder above as well.

This ladder too, has 5 steps, each of which are wide which thereby makes it possible for the ladder to hold 150kgs at a time. It has a wide base due to which the ladder ultimately remains steady even when in use.

This isn’t a foldable ladder and instead, it has set dimensions of: 48 x 9 x 160cm. Also, it is quite heavy weighing 13kgs in total.

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#4.Bathla Sure Step Handy – Ultra-Stable 5-Step Foldable Aluminium Ladder 135 cm (4.4 ft.) for Home Use with 5-Year Warranty :

Good quality and popular home ladders online in India

This foldable aluminium ladder is our fourth best home ladder in India.

One thing’s for sure, Bathla ladders look visually pleasing to the eye when compared to many other home ladders. Maybe it’s because these ladders are made out of aluminium.

The fact that it is made out of aluminium means that these ladders are rust resistant and suitable to all kinds of weather conditions, rain included.

This is a 5-step foldable Aluminium ladder which when open is 4.4ft big. Each step, foot included is covered with anti-skid material. That’s the safety element of the ladder.

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#5.Truphe Heavy Duty anti skid Folding Ladder with Wide Steps:

Top home ladders from best brands in India

This anti skid foldable ladder is our fifth best home ladder in India.

Wide step ladders are stable ladders. Simple science explains why so. That however, will not be explained over here. This is a 5 step, wide step ladder that is foldable in nature.

When open, the dimensions of the ladder is like: 52 x 45 x 150cm. The top platform of this ladder is very wide too.

Standing on top however, is quite comfortable and the design of the product more or less ensures a reasonable amount of sturdiness. Also, it’s neither too light nor too heavy, weighing 8kgs in total.

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#6.Bathla Sure Step Titanium – 152 cm (5 ft.) Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Hand Rails :

Best quality ladder for home or office use

This foldable aluminium ladder with hand rails from Bathla is our sixth best home ladder in India.

Here’s another ladder that’s sold by Bathla. The main distinguishing factor between this and the other two ladder is the size.

Comparatively, this is much bigger. It is a folding ladder which is 5ft big. An additional supportive feature that this ladder comes with and not many ladders in this segment do is, a supportive handrail.

Admit it, that’s quite cool. In addition to that, not only are all the steps covered up with some kind of anti-skid material, these steps are wider too which makes the ladder sturdier and capable of taking more weight.

The top platform of the ladder has grooves due to which standing on top is not such a daunting task. For a ladder of this size, the 10kgs that it weighs is actually not all that bad.

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#7.Euro Pro Household Aluminium Step ladder:

Top 10 best ladder with s steps in India

This colourful aluminium step ladder is our seventh best home ladder in India.

Finally, here’s an aluminium ladder that’s not sold by Bathla. This is a 5 step ladder that’s made in the USA. It doesn’t just use normal aluminium, it uses aircraft standard aluminium.

No wonder it is one of the lightest ladders available in the market, 3.8kgs to be precise. Although it’s just 5 steps, one can reach a height of nearly 10ft. There’s another really cool feature of this ladder.

At the very top, there’s a tool-tray wherein one can store all their necessary tools making repair work much more convenient. It incorporates some kind of ‘ABS platform’ and all-in-all, the ladder can hold up to 245 pounds at a time.

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#8.Parasnath Black Heavy Folding Ladder with Wide Steps Milano 4 Steps 4.1 FT Ladder – Made in India ladder: 

Best made in India home ladder to buy online in India

This made in India folding ladder with wide steps from Parasnath is our eighth best home ladder in India.

Back to wide-step ladders, this wide-step ladder is foldable in nature. It’s quite small in the sense that it has only 4 steps but these 4 steps span across 35 inches in height.

When open ,the other dimensions of this ladder is: 125 x 43 x 73cm. The primary material that’s been used to make this ladder is powder coated steel which actually is corrosion resistant.

Along with wide steps, it has a wide base too which gives the ladder much required additional support. The top and the steps of the ladder are covered with anti-skid material.

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#9.Bathla Sure Step Titanium – 152 cm (5 ft.) Foldable Aluminium Ladder with Hand Rails & Pail Tray + 5-Year Warranty :

Best Bathla home ladder to buy online in India

Another foldable aluminium ladder with hand rails from Bathla made our list and it is our ninth best home ladder in India.

Written above, is the exact same ladder, sold by the exact same seller. Why? Well, this is exactly the same product as the one that’s similarly named however, there’s just one difference.

While the one above boasts of only a handrail, this particular ladder boasts of a handrail and a tray on top of the platform wherein a person can store their tools. Also, another differentiator is that this weighs 1kg more, which totally amounts to 11 kgs

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#10.PlutoMax 4 Step Ladder plus Platform:

Top 10 best home ladder in India

This 4 step ladder from PlutoMax is our tenth and last best home ladder in India.

This is a 4 step ladder that’s made out of high quality aluminium. The aluminium ensures that it’s a durable product in every sense of the word.

The breadth of the steps is large as in, they are wide steps which means that the ladder is quite supportive and steady, too.

Equipping the ladder with knee guards is really a nice addition as it makes climbing the ladder a little bit less tense and more hassle-free. Also, the steps and the feet of the ladder are made out of non-skid rubber to ensure the safety of the climber/user.

It is not like a traditional foldable ladder but yet, when not in use the ladder can be folded and stored up in some corner of the room in order to save some space.

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These are the top quality and best home ladders you could buy online in India at a competitive price.

You could very well choose one ladder from the above list and help yourself with all your home or office work.

Ladder is something which can be used for long time once you buy it once,so select a quality ladder which can help you with all your needs and can stay in good condition for many years to come by.

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