Best Foldable Laptop Table Priced Under 1500 Rupees Online in India

At first glance, a laptop table really does look like an unnecessary purchase. It’s just a table. Who needs a table for their laptop? We all have our laps intact.

Working on a laptop while it’s positioned onto one’s lap is arguably one of the most convenient and comfortable working positions.

Undoubtedly, there are a fair share of people who believe in the above statement. But yet, laptop tables exist.

The major benefit of a laptop table is that it tends to improve body posture. Yes, that may sound deceiving but it’s true.

These tables facilitate the creation of a body posture that’s highly beneficial for one’s back. Many tables have minor adjustments that look after the ‘health’ of the laptop as well.

Moving the health benefits to one side, laptop tables still have a little bit more to offer. From a practical point of view the additional space on the table acts like a ‘third-hand’.

For example: A laptop table is capable of acting as both: a laptop table and a coffee table too.

Manufacturing a laptop table is a relatively straightforward process. Hence, as consumers, you have many options to choose from.

Top 7 best foldable laptop table to buy online for cost below 1500 rupees

Out of the many laptop tables that are sold online, here are some of the best foldable laptop tables you could see online.

Best Foldable Laptop Tables under 1500 rupees to buy in India:

#1.Laptop Foldable ZigZag Table:

Best foldable laptop table to buy online in India

Inspired by a ‘zig-zag’ design, this is a laptop table whose height is completely adjustable.

It’s not just the height that’s adjustable but the entire table itself is extremely flexible.

The exact dimensions of this table are: 49.2 x 28.6 x 6cm and it can comfortably hold a 17-inch laptop.

Black in colour, it’s made out of extremely lightweight material. Add to that it is completely foldable and you get a very portable laptop table.

The cooling fans that help moderate the temperature of the laptop prove to be an added bonus.

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#2.Style Homez MDF Matte Brown Portable Folding Laptop Table:

Best foldable laptop table to buy online in India for cost less than 1500

As indicated in the title itself, this is a matte brown coloured foldable laptop table that’s made out of high quality MDF and pine.

The surface of the table is made out of MDF while its legs are made out of pinewood.

MDF gives the table an element of ‘air’ while, the pinewood gives it some much required tenacity and stability.

All in all, primarily attributable to the materials used in the table, this is a highly-durable laptop table that’s water-resistant as well.

The precise dimensions of this table are that of: 59 x 39 x 11 cm and it weighs a substantial 3 kgs.

Furthermore, the table comes with an additional drawer that gives one a much welcomed storage option.

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#3.Home Puff Multipurpose Table:

Top 7 best foldable laptop tables in India

With precise dimensions of 58.2 x 35.5 x 3.2 cm, here is a relatively decent sized multipurpose table that can definitely be used as a laptop table.

The entire table alone weighs barely 1.6 kgs however, the entire table can withstand weights up to 15 kgs in total.

Strong and sturdy, no doubt. Its surface is made out of wood while, the edges of the surface are covered with some kind of rubber material that acts as a safety feature.

Furthermore, the foldable legs have been designed in a manner that allows the table to maintain perfect balance irrespective of the amount of weight that’s put on top of it.

If you aren’t one who works on their bed, the anti-skid leg pads will prove to be an added boon.

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#4.Style Homez Pine Wood Natural Finish Portable Folding Laptop Table:

Best foldable laptop desk to buy online in India

In terms of aesthetic appeal, no other laptop table on this list comes close to this particular model.

Made out of pure pinewood and bamboo, there are very few laptop tables that exude class and antiquity such as this model.

Bamboo is used sparingly, however, pinewood is used extensively in the making of this table.

It’s a significantly sized laptop table with precise dimensions of: 144.8 x 96.5 x 30 cm as a result of which, it weighs 3.2 kgs.

Despite the considerable weight, due to the larger dimensions it is still considered to be a lightweight model.

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#5.Home Sparkle Wooden Folding Laptop Table:

Best selling foldable laptop tables in India

Made out of top quality mango wood, this is a brown coloured laptop table that’s sold under the brand name of Home Sparkle.

It’s sturdy, lightweight and overall; quite durable. Aesthetically, it’s pleasing on the eye.

Coming to the design of it, it boasts of an impressive and well-thought of design that’s easy to use and easy to fold. The precise dimensions and weight of this model are: 56.5 x 32.5 x 22.5cm and 2.3kgs; respectively.

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#6.Gadgetbucket Portable Foldable Wooden Laptop Notebook E-table:

Best foldable laptop table to buy online in India

A very versatile laptop table, everything right from its height to its angle of panel is adjustable.

The angle of panel is adjustable up to 30 degrees and not more. Upon satisfaction of position, the user has the option to lock the table in precisely that position.

When you take a look at this table, you will see the table incised with two fan-shaped designs.

Don’t be under any false assumption. The table boasts of absolutely no fan cooling system.

In terms of size, it’s not the biggest nor the smallest, its exact dimensions are that of: 54.2 x 31.8 x 6.6cm and it weighs a little more than 2kgs.

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#7.Right Choice Multipurpose Wooden Laptop Table:

Best foldable laptop table in India

Outwardly, it looks very similar to the model listed above. Similar to the model above, it too, has fan shaped designs incised on the surface of the table.

And again, these are just markings. There is no actual fan cooling mechanism.

These cuts have been made however, keeping the same objective in mind: cooling the temperature of the laptop while in operation.

It comes with a side-drawer that proves to be extremely useful. Store your CD’s, your books, your pens, your charger; it’s up to you.

Due to its convenient size, it works perfectly as a multipurpose table. Brown in colour and made out of wood, its exact dimensions are that of: 53 x 32 x 5.2 cm and again, this too weighs a little more than 2kgs.

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Hope the list of best and affordable foldable laptop tables provided here helped you to pick the right one which you wanted.

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