What is the Best FOAM Mattress in India in 2018? Here is the answer for this

This article is intended to educate people on foam mattresses and provides the list of best foam mattress in India so that any user can choose a mattress easily from the top list.

When you start to live on your own, one of the things that you will soon realize is that buying a mattress is not as straightforward as you would have once considered.

To start of with, you need to choose the ‘kind of mattress’ that’s right for you. That’s for another article.

In this article we will be giving you some information about a foam mattress and more importantly, some options that you can consider if you are going ahead to make a purchase.

Foam mattresses are the more expensive type of mattresses available. However, their price is justified by the level of comfort that they deliver.

Best foam mattress in India

It’s not just comfort, in fact, these mattresses are designed to give better support and alleviate certain pressure points. That’s the gist of it.

Check Here to get to know more on advantages of using foam mattress.Here is another good read to understand more on the difference between foam and spring mattress.

Some might be interested to know how the foam and other material is fitted in a mattress and here is a great video which explains that

Here is another interesting video which explains the difference between natural latex foam and memory foam

With the kind of options that are available,it’s always tough to pick the right mattress and that’s where we wanted to help you out by providing some really good options so that you can choose the best one from the list easily.

Top 10 best foam mattress in India to buy from online

Moving on. Here is the list of some of the best foam mattresses that are available in the Indian market today.

Top 10 Best foam mattress in India in 2018:

#1.Wake-Fit Dual Comfort Mattress – Hard & Soft:

Best Foam mattress in India

This wakefit mattress is our first best foam mattress in India.

A dual comfort mattress from Wakefit is one in which both the sides of the mattress are usable.

This product is a prime example of such mattresses. Both the sides aren’t the same.

While one side of the mattress is medium firm, the other side is soft firm.

As a consumer, you are left with the option to choose which side you feel more comfortable on.

The mattress is made out of high density foam and weighs 17kgs. Its exact product dimensions are: 78x60x6 inches.

While designing the product, Wake-Fit seemed to instill four qualities in this mattress which are: durability, support, temperature and comfort.

This is one of top selling mattress online and strongly recommended from our side.

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#2.Story@Home 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress:

Best Foam mattresses in India

This is our second best foam mattress in India.

This is a regular foam mattress that’s ideal for a small, single bed.

More accurately, it has product dimensions of: 72x35x4 inches.

Another benefit that comes with this mattress is that it is foldable in nature, hence, it can be stored easily without consuming too much space.

It’s stylish and lightweight, weighing 4.4kgs to be exact.

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#3.Solimo 4-inch Single Dual Comfort Foam Mattress:

Quality Foam mattress in India

Another dual mattress but this one is sold under the brand name of Solimo.

This is our third best foam mattress in India.

Similar to the one above, both the sides of the mattress are usable and both are of different firmness.

The mattress in itself, has four layers. Jacquard fabric, PU foam (medium softness), HR foam (medium firmness) and knitted fabric, completing it.

The physical features of this product look like this: weight: 8kgs; product dimensions: 72x36x4 inches. Another great thing about is the absence of any kind of pressure point.

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#4.Sleepwell Activa Supportec Mattress:

Top rated foam mattress in India

This Activa mattress from Sleepwell company is our fourth best foam mattress in India.

We will start off by listing the USP of this product. This is not just a memory foam mattress.

It uses a combination of some kind of coil, matched with the Activa Firmtec layer which results in one comfortable mattress.

The exact product dimensions of this product are: 72x48x4 inches and it weighs just 6kgs.

Health Fresh technology is another asset that’s added to this mattress by Sleepwell.

A word of caution: In order to get the maximum durability out of this product, make sure to use a mattress protector.

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#5.Nilkamal Value+ 4-inch Single Size Foam Mattress:

Top 10 best foam mattresses to buy online in India

This single size foam mattress from Nilkamal brand is our fifth best foam mattress in India.

Made for a single bed, the primary material that’s been used in this product is lux foam.

Nilkamal is a brand that is well known to Indian customers and hence, they do have an upper hand when it comes to trustworthiness.

This is a multi-layered mattress that has exact product dimensions of 72x36x4 inches.

It weighs 20 kgs. Before purchasing the product, look at the height and weight chart made by Nilkamal to help you decide which mattress is the best for you, in terms of firmness.

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#6.Boston Orthopaedic 8-Inch King Size Off-White Dual Comfort Hard & Soft Foam Mattress:

Top 10 best foam mattress to buy online in India from Amazon

This is the most expensive mattresses to feature on this list and is it is our sixth best foam mattress in India..

Why? Perhaps because of its orthopaedic purpose.

An orthopaedic mattress is an essential for any person struggling with back issues.

Both; hard foam and soft foam are used in this mattress. In addition to that, there is an additional 2nd soft layer that acts as cushioning.

In terms of comfort level, one would classify it as medium soft for this mattress. This product’s exact dimensions are of: 75x72x8 inches.

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#7.Story@Home Premium 4-inch Double Size Foam Mattress:

Best selling foam mattress in India online

This double size foam mattress is our seventh best foam mattress in India.

The stand-out feature of this mattress is the high density foam with which it is made.

This high-density foam, enhances the durability of the product irrespective of how often a person uses this mattress.

It’s not just high-density foam that this mattress uses, in addition to it, a certain technology by the name of Air Supportive technology further enhances the supportive features of this mattress.

With product dimensions of: 72x60x4 inches, the mattress weighs 7kgs.

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#8.Kurl-on Florentino 5-inch Queen Size Foam Mattress:

Best foam mattress from Top brands in India

This queen size foam mattress from Kulron is our eighth best foam mattress in India.

Kurl-on is another name that the general population has often heard of.

Kurlon is one of the top selling mattress brand in India.

This particular mattress sold by them is made out of foam. The upholstery however, is made out of polycotton.

It is a dual-comfort mattress which implies that both sides of the mattress are usable. Looks aesthetic, delivery comfort.

This is an ideal queen size foam mattress with product dimensions of: 78x60x5 inches.

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#9.Boston Orthopaedic 5-Inch Queen Size Off-White Dual Comfort Hard & Soft Foam Mattress:

Foam mattress India

This is our ninth best foam mattress in India.

Similar to the orthopaedic mattress written about above, this too, is quite expensive.

More or less, it has the same features as the one above.

A dual comfort mattress, with both usable sides: one made out of hard foam, while the other, is made out of soft foam.

The comfort level and product dimensions, however, are different. With respect to the former, it’s comfort level is that of firm. And to look at its product dimensions, it’s  exactly:  78x60x5 inches.

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#10.Centuary Mattresses The Smart Collection Flexi HR 5-inch Queen Size Foam Mattress:

Best quality FOAM MATTRESS in India in 2017

This smart collection queen size foam mattress from Centuary brand is our last and tenth best foam mattress in India.

This is a mattress that’s available in numerous different sizes.

Hence, we aren’t going to give you the exact product dimensions.

You can choose one, as per your preferences. PU foam, is the main material that makes up this mattress.

While the upholstery is done with fabric, the upper material is again made out of foam.

This is a soft mattress that’s aesthetically very pleasing and provide both: support and bounciness in the right proportions.

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These are the top 10 best foam mattress in India which are worth buying and they can bought easily from online stores as well.

You could pick one mattress which can fulfill all your criteria of size,quality,brand ,colour and price.

Pick a good quality foam mattress and forget about getting one again for long time.


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