Best Electric Lawn Mower to buy online in India

If you are in serious need of a lawn mower, well, you primarily have two options to choose from. An electric lawn mower or, a gas lawn mower.

A manual lawn mower works but it’s tedious work, not something you want to waste your time on everyday.

Coming back to debate: electric lawn mower or gas lawn mower. In terms of ease of maintenance, an electric lawn mower definitely trumps the latter of the two.

Also, naturally, an electric lawn mower doesn’t directly pollute the environment, hence, it can be considered to be much more environment friendly. One drawback with an electric lawn mower is its mobility.

Since these machines need to be connected to an electric plug, this necessity definitely hampers their mobility. So that’s that, a gist of the differences.

Definitely, an electric lawn mower is the more modern and attractive machine here. Don’t believe us?

Conduct your own research and then come back to decide which out of these electric lawn mowers is the best for you.Here’s the list:

Top 7 Best Electric Lawn Mower to buy in India:


Best electric lawn mower to buy online in India

This 1.8HP electric lawn mower is adeptly protected from its power within a strong-durable plastic body.

When compared to other electric lawn mowers, this particular model is quite light weighing just 14kgs.

For the factual personality; you can expect 83dB of noise the next time you are mowing your lawn with this machine.

It requires 1400W of energy and one can set the height cutting adjustment according to one’s need.

You get 3 different levels to choose from. In an idealistic world, this model would be purchased only if you have quite a bit of land that is made for your lawn.

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#2.Sharpex Electric Lawn Mower:

Top 7 best electric lawn mower to buy online in India

A sharpex electric lawn mower; this particular model of dimensions 88.9 x 58.4 x 61cm comes along with a grass collector attached to it.

It contains a 2Hp electric motor within its strong and durable steel body. You can set the cutting height of the grass to anything between 20-75mm.

It works like a breeze coming with feather touch features and when not in use, its foldable design definitely acts like a plus-point.

Although, it’s not the lightest lawn mower in the class, weighing nearly 25kgs in total.

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Top 7 best Electric lawn mower in India

As you can guess, this is a Makita lawn mower but one that’s more powerful that the previous one on this list.

It holds a 2.2Hp electric motor and comes with a grass collector that has a capacity of 50L.

If that’s misleading; the dimensions of the grass box are that of: 760 x 500 x 410mm; while, the dimensions of the lawn mower itself are: 50 x 76 41cm.

Made out of steel; the very base of this lawn mower has high-mobility wheels attached to it which facilitates easy movement to a great degree.

Ideally suited for a 600 lawn; it comes with a 10m detachable power cord that also increases the mobility of this machine.

There are 5 different height cutting options that start from 20mm and end at 75mm, so you can choose the level that suits your need.

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#4.Kisan Kraft 1000-Watt Electric Lawn Mower:

Top 7 best Electric lawn mover from top brands in India online

Red in colour; this Kisan Kraft lawn mower is a simplistic machine that gets the job done.

The job being; mowing your lawn. Its dimensions are that of: 69 x 32 x 44cm.

In terms of weight, it’s a considerably lightweight machine weighing just 14kgs in total.

It comes with a grass collecting bag and the radius of its blades are approximately 5-6inches.

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#5.Falcon Roto Drive 46 Electric rotary Lawn mower:

Best selling electric lawn mower to buy online in India

Boasting a really sophisticated and modern design; here’s a lawn mower that you can be proud of owning.

Let’s say it outright; it looks sexy. Black and red; made out of high-quality carbon steel it has the build to match its looks.

It runs of 1600W of power and both; the cutting height and the cutting width can be customised as per the wishes of the user.

The capacity of its grass collection bag is 70L; a considerable capacity that results in a lot of time-saving.

It’s lightweight and comparatively noiseless. To be precise, it weighs 27kgs, which is light for a lawn mower of this size. The exact dimensions of it are: 87.5 x 57.5 x 49cm.

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#6.Kisan Kraft KK-LME:

Best quality electric lawn mower to buy online in India at Amazon

The Kisan Kraft KK-LME is a slightly bigger model when compared to the other one included in this list.

This model runs of 1900W of power and has dimensions that are of: 86 x 57 x 47.5cm. Apart from this; in terms of design at least, it’s quite similar to the other model.

Naturally, it’s slightly heavier too, weighing approximately 35kgs.

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These are the best Electric Lawn mowers you could buy online in India.

Did you own any of these electric lawn mower ?How is your experience with these machines?

Please do share for the benefit of other readers.

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