Best Dressing Tables with mirror – Top 10 options to buy online in India

My whole philosophy is about playing dress-up.

                                                                         -Brad Goreski

Anybody shares these sentiments? Of course.

To lot of people, dressing up is a very important part of the day. Dressing up to them is more than just looking after their appearance.

For such people, dressing up instills within them a degree of self-confidence that cannot be counterfeited by any other activity. And to dress up, what does one need?

A dressing table, preferably one with a mirror.

Purchasing a dressing table is not easy. We all know it. At one point of time, we all had to go through this arduous task. If not yet, soon you will have to.

Why is it so hard? Well, to be brutally honest, we are spoilt with options. Each dressing table has its own pros and cons and hence, deciding which one to purchase is extremely difficult.

At the end of the day, it all depends upon a person’s taste and preference, nothing else. No matter what features it has, what it costs, what wood is been used to make it; if it doesn’t seem right, it just doesn’t seem right.

What to check for before selecting a Dressing table?

But fundamentally speaking, a rational consumer will look at the following characteristics of a dressing table before purchasing the one that he/she feel is right for him/her.


Top 10 best dressing table with mirror for bedroom to buy online in India

Yes, finding a dressing table that checks all the above criterion is hard. But is it impossible? Why don’t you decide? Take a look at some of the best dressing tables available online and then perhaps, you will be able to answer the above question.

Top 10 Best Dressing Tables with mirror in India:

#1.Caspian Modern Leaf Textured Dressing Table:

Best dressing table with mirror to buy online in India

Starting off with what’s unique about this dressing table. The leaf design for starters, is unique to this dressing table.

It has four shelves, one drawer and two cabinets all of which, is the whole dressing table and it is made out of top quality wood.

The edges are smooth and the dark-brown colour gives it a rustic appearance which gives this piece a very distinguished look.

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#2.Durian Norman Dressing Table:

Best quality dressing tables with mirror in India

 Something that’s straight out of an English movie set. The best way to describe this matte finish, cherry coloured dressing table that has dimensions of: 64 x 19 x 75 inch.

It is rectangular in shape and is made out of engineered wood, just like the model above. There’s room for clothes and there’s also room for other items which can be stored in one of the seven drawers that it comes with.

The carving of the table is very intricate which gives it a truly grand and sophisticated appearance that’s simply unmatched.

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#3.@home by Nilkamal Axial Dresser with Mirror:

Top 10 best dressing tables to buy online in India

Unlike the two dressing tables above, a good chunk of this dressing table is made out of sheesham wood.

The benefit of using sheesham wood in a dressing table is that due to its hardness and rigidity, it adds durability to the dressing table like few other pieces of wood.

The dressing table is naturally coloured but is designed in contemporary fashion. Its dimensions are that of: 16 x 20 x 71 inch. It comes with two drawers that provides the user with some space for storing his/her belongings.

And the legs of this dressing table are designed in such a manner with respect to body ,that it facilitates equitable weight distribution and maximum sturdiness of the dressing table as a whole.

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#4.Natraj Office Furniture Dressing Table:

Best selling dressing tables with mirror option in India

Simple and yet, of modern design, the primary material that’s been used to make this dressing table is prelaminated board.

This is a very sleek dressing table with precise dimensions of: 60 x 40 x 175 cm. The finish of this dressing table is something that’s noticeable from afar and it’s something that adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product.

Furthermore, the dark acacia colour suits the design. All-in-all, this is a very space efficient and stylish dressing table that’s ideal for someone who isn’t looking for a cumbersome dressing table.

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#5.Generic Dressing Table With Storage , Cupboard, Light & Stool In Cherry Padak Color :

Top 10 best dressing tables in India

Such dressing tables are on the decline. But yet, there is a considerable portion of the population that still prefer such simple, old and let’s say traditional dressing tables to the modern ones.

It looks bulky and it is. Apart from the mirror, it has a number of drawers and cabinets wherein accessories can be easily stored. It’s made out of engineered wood and has exact dimensions that of: 24 x 12 x 73 inch.

The matte finish and cherry colour give it an air of modernisation which is why, some people like this particular dressing table a lot.

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#6.Teak Wood Antique Wall Hanging Mirror Frame:

Best dressing table with mirror option for sale online

Teak furniture brings with it the air of dignity. This particular piece is truly unique and it’s not something that one is just saying.

Each of these dressing tables is handcrafted by a skilled artisan. The hand carvings give this dressing table a distinctive aesthetic appeal that’s unmatched by all the other dressing tables that are on this list.

It’s the embossed finish that truly completes picture. The size of this hanging mirrored dressing table is: 44 x 31 inch.

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#7.Spacewood Ciara Dresser Table with Stool:

Top quality and popular dressing tables with mirror to buy online in India

The ‘walnut’ colour works really well on dressing tables. Take this particular model for example. Aesthetically, it’s beautiful.

Of course, the walnut colour has a role to play in that. The modern design too, shouldn’t go unnoticed. What’s really cool about this particular dressing table is that it is water resistant, fungi-termite-scratch proof, as well.

As a total, it has 4 racks along with an additional drawer at the bottom that can be used to keep certain essentials, like cosmetics for example.

Looking at this dressing table as a whole, the design of it is very well thought off. Perhaps this is one particular model on this list that ticks all the checklists that have been mentioned at the very onset of the article. Not to forget, it is 16 x 30 x 67 inch big.

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#8.Royal Oak Barcelona Dressing Table with Stool:

Top 10 best dressing table with mirror in India

In this segment, Royal Oak is one of the well-known brands that manufacture and sell dressing tables.

Hence, from the very onset, one can say that this particular model enjoys a certain degree of consumer confidence in the market.

The primary material of this dressing table is some kind of plyboard that has an abbreviation of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard).

It is honey brown in colour and has dimensions that are of: 30 x 14 x 59 inch. Three racks, one cabinet, one compartment and a stool make for very worthy additions to a dressing table.

Also, the rosewood finish adds to the external beauty of the dressing table which is almost as important in a dressing table as the extra storage space that it has to offer.

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#9.Spacewood Drown colour Akina Dressing Table:

Top 10 best dressing table with mirror

In terms of design, this is probably one of the most sophisticated looking dressing tables in this list. But it’s not all that affordable too.

However, the price is more or less justified. It is brown in colour and has dimensions of: 15 x 31 x 68 inch. The entire dressing table is waterproof, scratch resistant and termite free, too.

All the materials that have been used to make this table are of the best quality. The only area of concern with this dressing table is that it requires a considerable amount of care to be kept in the shape that it’s bought in.

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#10.HomeTown Archer Dresser with Mirror:

Top 10 best dressing table for bedroom with mirror to buy online in India

This is a very simplistic, sleek designed dressing table with exact dimensions of: 37 x 17 x 73 inch. It is made out of engineered wood and is walnut in colour.

The matte finish adds to aesthetic appeal of the product. The mirror is no ordinary sized mirror but in fact, it is a full sized mirror in which your entire body can be seen.

It is rectangular in shape and has a couple of drawers and cabinets that come attached to its body.

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That’s the end of our top picks list as far as dressing table with mirror is concerned.All these dressing tables looks great and are made out of good quality material.

Choose one which can better suit your bedroom space and matches your personality and need.

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