Best Door/Window Curtains in India

Bollywood fanatics, say nothing.

“Pardeh ke peeche kya hai, Pardeh ke peeche”

Curtains immediately reminds you of that song, right? That’s okay. We all relate to different things, differently. An introvert may look at a curtain as a product to block out the outside world.

A fashionista may look at a curtain as a product through which they can express themselves. A utilitarian may look at it is a product that plays a role in keeping the house cool. You get what one’s trying to say.

Irrespective of what a curtain means to a person, the majority of the population consider it a housing necessity. If it’s not a curtain, they use something else to play the role that of a curtain.

The fortunate don’t need to compromise. Here are some of the best curtains that such people can look at as options for their purchase:

Best door/window curtain to buy in India

Best Door/Window Curtains to buy online in India:

#1.Home Sizzler Abstract 4 Piece Eyelet Polyester Door Curtain Set:

Best door or window curtains to buy online in India

This set includes 4 pieces of  door curtains. Each of which are brown in colour, made out polyester and are of dimensions: 46 x 84 inch.

The abstract design makes it look a little bit more appealing in the eyes of the aesthetic personality. These curtains are of great quality, soft to touch and very easy to maintain.

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#2.Home Candy Eyelet Fancy 2 Piece Polyester Door Curtain Set:

Best window curtain to buy online in India

Another door curtain, these curtains are 7ft long. The reason one’s used the word ‘curtains’ and not ‘curtain’ is because in one set, you get 2 pieces.

The primary material again is polyester. From an aesthetic perspective, it is maroon in colour and holds a nature/abstract design. When you look at its maintenance, it’s easy provided one follows the instructions in relation to its wash.

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#3.Home Sizzler 2 Piece Eyelet Polyester Window Curtain:

Best door curtain to buy online in India

Unlike both the above curtains, this particular set is for a window and not a door. It is 5ft long, grey in colour and again, boasts of an abstract design.

The primary material that’s been used to make this curtain is polyester and it has a thread count of 150. Washing it is easy and it can be done both: manually or in a washing machine, too.

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#4.Home Candy Plain 2 Piece Polyester Window Curtain Set:

top 10 best curtains for home in India

Similar to the one above, this too, is a window curtain that’s 5ft in length. It is maroon in colour, constituting of a plain design.

This set comes with 2 pieces of curtains both of which have similar dimensions and are made out of polyester.

Some additional characteristics of this curtain set is that it is wrinkle-free and the colour is somewhat fade-resistant, not entirely but somewhat.

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#5.PINDIA Heart 2 Piece Polyester Windows Curtain:

Top 10 best quality curtains for home use in India

This too, is a window curtain however, it is slightly longer. It’s 6ft in length and 3.5ft in width. Because of this unique size, in spite of being classified as a window curtain it is equally adept at being used as a door curtain.

The heart design makes it ideal for a child’s room and the fact that it is cream in colour just enhances the sensitive feeling that the curtain exudes.

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#6.Discount4product Crystal Beads And Glass Drops Curtain Partition Spaces Wedding Decoration Home Hotel Shop Decoration:

Top quality curtains for home or windows in India

As can be guessed, this is not your everyday house curtain. It’s one that’s to be used at special occasions like for instance, a wedding or some other sort of festivity that’s being celebrated.

It is made out of crystal beads and glass drops and has a very sophisticated, ark-like design. The material that’s been used to make these beads is crystal acrylic and stainless steel.

As a whole, the package includes 30 strings and primarily this curtain is used as a divider of some sort at special occasions.

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#7.Homefab India Sheer Strips 2 Piece Polyester Curtain Set:

Best door or window curtain to buy online in India @ Amazon

Beige in colour, this is a very simple looking curtain set. It comes with 2 pieces, both of which are made out of polyester.

As it is a door sized curtain, it is 7ft long and has exact dimensions of: 108 x 48 inch. It’s transparent and has 8 metal eyelets that makes it easy to attach the curtain to the metal rods that are designed for the purpose.

As a whole, all the properties of this curtain set makes it a very flexible set as it fits into nearly every living room and is very easy to install too.

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#8.Pindia Fancy Kite Sparkling Plastic Strings Bead Hanging Curtain:

Good quality and great looking curtains to buy online in India

String curtains work primarily as dividers. They are generally used by bedside and not near doors or windows like the traditional curtains.

This particular set of string curtains is of dimensions: 7 x 3.5 ft. According to the product description, the colour of the beads is golden but this too, can vary depending on the way the light is shining on it.

20 strings, all of which are very easy to hang and maintain makes this a very convenient purchase for anyone who is looking for a string curtain.

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#9.Freehomestyle Floral 5 Feet X 4 Feet Window Curtain:

Top 10 best door curtains to buy in India

Floral design, pink in colour- what does that indicate as to who this curtain is targeted towards? The feminine population.

Not being stereotypical but that’s how products are designed keeping in mind certain demographic factors. The primary material that’s been used to make this curtain is polyester.

It is a window curtain with dimensions of: 5 x 4ft. Certain instructions needs to be followed with respect to the washing of these curtains. If that’s followed, they are definitely durable.

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#10.Story@Home Fancy Geometric 2 Piece Soft Polyester Curtain Set:

Top 10 best window curtain to buy online in India

Story@Home deal with a lot of ‘bed accessories’. Within that broad category comes curtain sets. This particular set contains 2 pieces for the door which are of dimensions: 46 x 84 inch.

It hones a bright, red-wine colour and geometric design and is made out of top quality polyester. Due to eyelets, they are extremely easy to hang in any room. It is 7ft long and washable.

However, at the time of washing certain instructions need to be followed barring which the product will loose all of its charm.

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#11.Ramcha 4*7 Feet Sparkling Golden Bead Curtain:

Best selling window or door curtains in india

Another string curtain, this is purely gold in colour and the primary material that’s been used to make the beads is polyester and some other kind of polyester blend.

The major drawback of this particular string curtain is that it is not washable at all. It’s dimensions are that of: 4 x 7ft and it works very well as a divider or an entrant for some grand celebration.

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#12.Exporthub Brown Eyelet Door Curtains (Set of 4):

Best quality door or window curtains to buy online in India

Boasting of a modern pattern, this curtain set is primarily brown in colour however, certain design alterations that are printed on the curtain aren’t brown and are rather multi-coloured.

Hence, visually it is not a sombre/boring sight to look at. This particular set comes with 4 pieces all of which are of dimensions: 7 x 4ft and are made out of polyester.

As with most curtains, certain precautions need to be taken with respect to their wash.

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#13.HIPPO Outdoor Curtains:

Top 13 best window or door curtains to buy online in India @

One look at these curtains and you will realise that they are unlike any other curtain set that’s on this list. As the name suggests, they are outdoor curtains that are designed to protect a particular area from natural forces like winds, rain and sunlight.

Where can they be installed? Balconies, school, public areas, verandahs etc. They have designed keeping in mind the natural forces and are hence, able to withstand quite a bit.

Much of this is attributable to the fact that it is a button stitched curtain and hosts an elastic locking system. These curtains that are of dimensions: 4 x 7.5ft are really durable and comparatively cost effective, as well.

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These are the best curtains of various types you could buy online in India.

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