Best Coir Mattress in India

The Coir mattresses have certain advantages over other types of mattresses. What are these advantages? Ideal temperature. Better for one’s health. Durable and effective. And to top it all up, it’s affordable.

Here is great read on Coir mattress and benefits of Coir mattress in India from Springwel,a company that’s really well known for their coir mattresses. Apart from them, many of the well known and popular mattress brands in India offer Coir mattress or rubberised coir mattress for sale.

If you are interested to know more on Rubberised coir mattress, go and check here. It covers what is a rubberised coir mattress,it’s pros and cons and what to check before buying.

As you have gone through some of the basic information of coir mattresses,it’s time now to identify one good coir mattress which can meet your criteria.

Here is a list of some of the best coir mattresses that are available in India which could help you out with your selection process.

Top 6 Best Coir mattress in India to buy online:

#1.Kurl-on Kurlo Bond 5-inch Single Size Coir Mattress:

Best Coir mattresses from Top brands in India

Kurl-on mattresses: One of the major brand in India when it comes to all types of mattresses and top brand when it comes to Coir mattress as well. There are quite a few benefits that come with this mattress.

For starters, the material density is such that the mattress gives optimal support to the body and back of a person.

To add to that, the PU foam with blended coir further adds to the comfort and support feature of this mattress.

It’s size is accurately: 72x36x5 inches, while it weighs a little over 20g.

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#2.Nilkamal Dream 4-inch Single Size Coir Mattress:

Best quality Coir mattress to buy online in India

Before you purchase any Nilkamal mattress it would be wise to use their height and weight scale and then choose a mattress that aligns to your benefit.

Let’s say this is the right coir mattress for you. What are its distinguishing facets?

The primary material of the product is rubberized coir, while its dimensions are that of: 72x30x4 inches.

It’s perfect for a single bed, nothing too fancy. Mattress comfort level is firm and it weighs a little more than 20kgs.

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#3.Sleepwell Activa Firmtec 5-inch King Size Coir Mattress:

 Top 6 best Coir mattress in IndiaThis is quite a big mattress with dimensions of: 71x71x5 inches to be precise. Equally set is the price.

It’s an expensive model. Like all the other mattresses in this article, the primary material of this mattress is coir, again.

The cover of this mattress however is different. It adds a tinge of luxury and comfort to this mattress. A king size mattress has to be heavy and this one is 75kgs to be precise. And the mattress comfort is soft, which equals to heavenly-blissful sleep.

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#4.Kurl-on New Klassic 6-inch King Size Coir Mattress:

 Best Coir mattressAll of  the mattresses that are sold by Kurl-on are designed in a manner that adds to the support of the mattress with the help of ACD and VCT.

This mattress is no different, with the exception being its size. A king mattress with dimensions of: 78x72x6 inches, weighing 52 kgs, it’s a perfect fit for a king’s bedroom.

The coir used in the mattress is blended with PU foam and bonded foam in order to make the mattress more supportive, durable and comfortable. It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful. Aesthetically, it’s near perfect.

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#5.Coirfit Beetle 4-inch Single Size Coir Mattress:

Popular Coir mattresses from best brands in India

The comfort level of this mattress is set at medium. Coir blended with PU foam is the secret ingredient to the comfort of this mattress.

With ergonomics gone into it’s design, one can expect to have the right weight balance irrespective of the position in which one is sleeping.

The physical characteristics of this product which includes the weight and dimensions are: 30kgs and 70x30x4 inches, respectively.

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#6.Urban Ladder Essential 4-inch King Size Coir Mattress:

Top 6 best Coir mattresses to buy from Amazon India store

King size mattresses have their own aura. The rubberized coir of this mattress is blended with natural ingredients in order to give characteristics of breathability (temperature) and durability to this mattress.

What’s more, it’s perfect for the everyday man with back issues. It looks simple and contemporary at the same time.

Sized like every king mattress, its product dimensions are: 78x72x4 inches, while it weighs approximately 32 kgs.

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These are some of the best coir mattress in India that are available online and you could buy easily with out going out yourself.

Choose one wisely which could work well for you for many years to come.HAVE A GOOD SLEEP!!!

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