Best Cloth drying stand in India

Don’t use your balconies railing.
Don’t use threads/ropes tied across your balcony.

Use a cloth drying stand instead.


Most importantly, it’s clean. Next, you get a lot of space and it’s organized space. And finally,  it’s not a commodity that’s all that expensive.

There are many affordable cloth drying stands that are sold in the market today so don’t let the price be an excuse. Yes, the alternatives are cheaper but the benefits of a cloth drying stand outweighs the cost hindrance.

If you want to know more about the benefits, just google it. You will get a couple of articles at least that will hopefully change your perception towards this product, positively that is.

More information, wider perspective. All the different types of cloth stands can be broadly classified into two categories:

top 10 best cloth drying stand in India

Top 10 Best Cloth drying stand in India:

#1.Peng Essentials Arier Cloth Drying Stand:

Best cloth drying stand to buy online in India

Small house? No problem. This cloth drying stand is ideal for the bachelor life. It’s super small, 67 x 57 x 125 cm small, to be precise.

It’s designed keeping the space conscious consumer in mind. Because of the small size, one can say that ideally, this is a clothing stand that suits small clothes or small quantities of clothes.

It’s grey in colour, nothing too flashy and weighs 4.2kgs. The primary material that’s been used to make this cloth stand is: powder coated steel.

If you are looking for a simpler option to dry small quantities of clothes then this is the best clothes drying stand for you.

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#2.PAffy Expanding and three way folding Clothes Drying Stand:

Top 10 best cloth drying racks to buy online in India

Expanding cloth drying stands is just one particular design type that companies seem to go for.

Why? Because it’s a super space-conscious way to go about things. Practically, it takes up minimum space but realistically, on a whole, it expands up to 40 ft in length.

It can’t bear the weight of heavy clothes and the maximum amount of weight that it can hold at a single time is 15 kgs.

Similar to the one above, it is made out of powder coated steel. The unique foldable design is what really makes this a very space-efficient drying stand. As a whole, the drying stand weighs 1.8kgs and is: 44.2 x 33.3 x 4 cm big.

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#3.Kumaka Full Size, Heavy Duty Double Pole Cloth Drying Stand:

Top 10 best cloth drying stand in India

While the above two models were ideal for small/light clothing, this is more like a full-fledged cloth drying stand that’s designed for a more comprehensive use.

It comes with 6 hanging frames and 4 drying rails upon which clothes can be dried. Both: plastic and powder coated steel are used to make the body of the product.

You don’t need to worry about the weight of the clothes. It can take heavy and weight clothes and they too, can be carried around with the help of the wheels that are attached to the base of this cloth drying stand.

Apart from the hanging frames and drying rails, the plastic attachment and drying rack further provide space to dry one’s clothes upon.

This entire stand is foldable in nature and hence, it doesn’t consume too much space when not in use.

This definitely is the best cloth drying stand for people whose has to dry large quantities of clothes regularly.

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#4.Celebrations Fast Dry Cloth Dryer Stand – Two Way Folding Clothes Drying Stand:

Best quality cloth drying stands from top brands in India

A good majority of the cloth drying stands that are sold in the market are dull coloured. Breaking the stereotype is this particular model: blue in colour.

It is stable, very elegantly designed and strong as in, it can hold a good amount of weight confidently. Weighing nearly 6kgs means that, it’s not the lightest cloth drying stand but with dimensions of: 140 x 57 x 5cm, it’s not the heaviest either.

Because of the large size, you can use it to dry all kinds of apparel. Powder coated steel is the primary material that’s been used to make this cloth drying stand and as a whole, it can take up to 60kgs at a time.

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Good quality clothes drying stand in India

Unlike the other cloth drying stands, this particular one is made out of stainless steel and not powder coated steel.

Along with the stainless steel, plastic pipes too have been used to make it. The fact that it is foldable makes it a space-efficient product.

Yet, it’s easy to arrange. It has space for all your clothing and can hold upto nearly 8kgs of clothing at a time. At the base of it, it has wheels and hence, you can easily move it from one place to another.

What’s really cool about this cloth drying stand is that the height of many of its poles is adjustable in nature thereby, making drying clothes all the more convenient and quicker.

If you are someone who is looking forward to a stainless steel cloth drying stand with wheels then this is the best option for you.

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#6.Parasnath 2 Poll Jumbo 3 Layer Clothes Hanger Rack:

Top 10 best clothes drying stand in India

When you look at this particular drying cloth stand and the 3rd model that made this list, you are bound to find a couple of similarities.

6 hanging frames, 4 hanging railing & 2 plastic attachments, all this and still you are left with a little bit of additional space to dry your wet clothes.

It is foldable and, it also comes with a set of wheels that are attached at the bottom of the product. Hence, it’s portable in every sense of the word. The design of the complete drying stand is something that takes a utilitarian, as well as, modern stand.

It ensures that as a consumer, there’s a lot of empty space in which you can dry your clothes. It’s strong, durable and as you have already read, flexible too.

It is one of the good quality portable and adjustable clothes drying stand to buy online in India.

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#7.PAffy easy to assemble made in India Cloth Dryer Stand:

Top 10 best clothes drying rack in India

The exact dimensions of this cloth drying stand is 109 x 114 x 20 cm and what’s really shocking is how light it weighs: merely 500gms.

It’s white and blue in colour and is made out of  PPCP and not any kind of steel. This isn’t one of your small cloth drying stands.

This is a relatively large one which can accommodate all of your clothes.

In order to dry as many clothes as possible, it’s equipped with multiple rods and additional hanger slots and hooks upon which clothes can be hung to dry upon.

It is foldable and hence, don’t worry too much about the space that it takes up.

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#8.AmazonBasics Lightweight Foldable Drying Rack:

Popular and good quality clothes dyring stand to buy online in India

At first glance, you won’t even consider this to be a cloth drying stand. It’s just too plain and too simple.

It literally looks like a set of black rods joined together for some particular purpose. And yes, we are sure, that purpose is to use it as a platform upon which clothes can be dried.

The primary material that’s been used to make this cloth drying stand is lightweight steel. The steel is protected by a chrome surface that gives the product as a whole, an air of durability.

Exactly, it is: 74.9 x 36.8 x 106 cm big; 2.1 kgs light and completely foldable in nature. Because it is foldable it is space saving and because this is an Amazon India product, this is a legit cloth drying stand.

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#9.Bathla Mobidry Compact – Medium Size Foldable Clothes Drying Stand with High Grade Steel Frame and Built-in Hooks :

Best clothes drying rack to buy online in India

This is a foldable cloth drying stand from popular Bathla brand ,that when fully expanded, is: 103 x 65 x 11 cm big. It’s made out of top-quality steel which gives it a good degree of strength and durability.

Due to the design, it’s extremely space efficient and highly portable too. The lightweight aspect of this product only adds to its merits.

Irrespective of the weather condition, nothing is going to happen to this product. Coming back to its weight, it weighs exactly 7kgs.

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#10.Parasnath 3 Poll 3 Layer Clothes Drying Rack:

Best selling cloth drying stand online in India

A reasonably well-sized cloth drying stand, it comes with 6 hanging frames, 4 hanging rails and additional plastic attachments on which wet clothes can be hung.

Powder coated steel and plastic have been made use of ,to make this particular cloth drying stand.

One gives the product much needed strength, while the other gives it the much needed flexibility. It’s designed in a manner that makes it very, very flexible.

You can choose what hanging frames to use when as in, they are all adjustable in nature. Also, due to the thick railings etc. it’s able to hold clothes that get quite heavy when wet.

Portability is not an issue as it comes with wheels that are attached to its base. When not in use, the entire structure can be folded and hence, it won’t take up too much of your storage space either.

The physical characteristics of this product in its dimensions and weight are: 64 x 170 cm and 5 kgs, respectively.

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#11.Kawachi Power Dryer Easy Mild Steel Cloth Drying Stand:

Top 10 best cloth drying stand online in India from

A unique design concept, yet, highly effective, The exact product dimensions of this cloth drying stand is: 73.6 x 30.2 x 12 cm.

It’s foldable as a whole and even the different drying racks itself are foldable in nature.

Hence, ultimately you get to decide how big your cloth drying stand is. Despite all of this, it’s very easy to use and install.

The height of this cloth drying stand too, is adjustable in nature. It is made out of steel and has a capacity to hold 8kgs of weight at one go.

6 adjustable wings, 12 additional hangers and that’s all the space that you need to dry your clothes.

There are wheels placed at the bottom of this cloth drying stand that makes it easy to move it around from one place to another.

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These are the best cloth drying stands one could buy online at a competitive price.Get one for yourself and stop worrying about place to dry your clothes.

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