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Not many floors in India are adorned by such ‘fabric’. Why? People just generally, don’t consider it to be a necessity and that might actually be true.

But for those of you that have discretionary income in hand, a carpet is a meaningful purchase. Again, why so?

It adds colour to the room. It protects the floor. What more? Wrong article.

Curiosity spiked?

Let’s just cut to the chase. If you are reading this article, you probably know why you want to purchase a carpet and hence, the ‘tease’ above. On a more serious note, here are some of the best carpets that you can purchase online in India:

Note: It is the material of the carpet and the design that primarily sets one apart from another.

Best Carpets for your home or office to buy online in India

Best Carpets to buy online in India:

#1.Home Elite Ethnic Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet:

Best carpet for your home to buy online in India

The abstract pattern and bright-ish maroon colour are attention grabbers.

While the name, as in title, suggests that chenille is the primary material used to make this carpet, however that information is slightly, just slightly inaccurate.

It’s polyester chenille, not pure chenille. The dimensions of the carpet is: 55 x 80 inch and yet, it is extremely portable. Because of the velvet finish, maintenance of the carpet isn’t a big hassle.

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#2.Warmland Floral Velvet Carpet:

Best quality carpets to buy online in India

If you are looking for a carpet that can blend into its surroundings, perhaps this will not appeal to you.

But, if you are one who’s looking for dynamic designs, maybe, you have found your match.

The floral design is of multiple colours ensuring that the carpet is noticeable. Its design is somewhat unique.

It is made up of three layers, with velvet being the most important/used material in the carpet as a whole.

The size is ‘standard’ and yet, the dimensions of the carpet is: 60 x 84 inch. It’s an anti-allergic carpet that’s easily washable.

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#3.Ab Home Decor Velvet Touch Abstract Chenille Carpet:

Best Carpets online in India

If you have ever seen those big, grand looking red-coloured carpets on TV, one glance and maybe there’s a case of deja vu. With dimensions of: 7 x 5ft, this carpet covers up some substantial space in any room.

A correction, it is not red perse, rather maroon. The primary material used in it is chenille and as a whole, the carpet is easy to handle and maintain. It can be washed quite easily too.

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#4.P Home Decor Chenille Camel Carpet:

Top 7 best Carpets to buy online from Amazon in India

The dimensions of this carpet are exactly the same as the one above, 7 x 5ft. However, there is a very notable difference in the design of the two.

While the one above boasts of a more abstract design, this particular one, contains a picture of what looks like deer living in their natural habitat.

Chenille, again is the primary material that’s been used to make this carpet. Although it is washable, certain precautions still need to be taken to ensure that the carpet lasts for a long period of time.

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#5.Avioni Handloom Shaggy Blue Stones Premium Bedside Carpet:

Best quality and popular Carpets for your home or office

Sometimes, in design simplicity trumps everything. Just take a glimpse at this particular carpet. Pebbles. Yet, the way they have been arranged and the colour scheme is aesthetically beautiful.

What’s truly unique about this carpet is that it is manufactured using a handloom. The carpet is made out of a mix of cotton and chenille.

One potential drawback however, could be the price. It’s not all that affordable.  The dimensions of this carpet is: 22 x 55 inch.

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#6.Yellow Weaves™ Brown-Beige Feather Touch Carpet:

Great looking Carpets to buy online in India

This carpet too, is slightly expensive as in, it is not all that affordable. In terms of size, it is not the biggest carpet, its dimensions are only: 3 x 5ft. The primary material that’s been used in this carpet is polyester.

Not everybody likes flashy carpets. Keeping that in mind, the design of this carpet is plain. It’s brown in colour and due to its design, it can soak up dust very easily.

In addition to all of this, the maintenance costs of this carpet is low and it is extremely easy to clean as well.

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#7.Reliable Trends Velvet Touch Chenille Carpet:

Top selling Carpets in India

Another one of those big ‘living room carpets’, the exact dimensions of this product is: 5 x 7ft. Abstract design, maroon in colour made out of chenille the carpet has a thread count of 180.

It uses quality raw materials and as a result of which it is smooth to touch and more or less, fade-resistant. Washing it is no problem and if one follows the instructions the life of the carpet can easily be prolonged.

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These are some of the best carpets you could buy online for your home or office.Choose one based on your preference of colour,design and price.

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