Best Brush Cutter in India for Home use

This article is intended to educate people on brush cutters and provides the list of best brush cutter in India for personal use at home.

In India, when somebody wants to cut small foliage, they use a big machete or a big scissor like tool. Brush cutters are almost unheard off. A brush cutter is a tool that’s used to cut/trim foliage that can’t be gotten rid of using a lawn mower.

Traditionally speaking, the demand for such products in India was quite low. However, Indians today are getting used to westernized ways. The need for a brush cutter is very prominent in big apartments or similar compounds/complexes.

Perhaps, hence, one can say that the boom of the real-estate industry in India has benefited such products like lawn mowers and brush cutters.

Do you think that’s an exaggeration by any means? Or, do you believe that the rise in demand for these products is highly co-relational to the growth of big houses and apartments?

Your views may differ but regardless, here are some of the best brush cutters that are available online:

Best brush or grass cutter to buy online in India

Top 7 Best Brush Cutter to buy online in India:

#1.Turner Tools Brush Cutter Heavy duty + Attachments – Fully Assembled:

Best brush cutter to buy online in India

This heavy duty brush cutter from Turner tools is our first best brush cutter in India.

An easy to start heavy duty brush cutter that employs the perfect weight-to-power ratio. In simple words, this translates to superior performance.

Not only is it easy to start, it’s comparatively noiseless and emission efficient, as well. This model comes with 3 additional attachments that gives this particular brush cutter multiple dimensions.

It boasts of a 43cc engine, with a 1L fuel capacity.The entire model weighs 6kgs in total.

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#2.TOOLSDEN TD-BC-FD30 Heavy Duty Petrol Brush Cutter:

Best petrol brush cutter to buy online in India

This heavy duty petrol brush cutter from toolsden is our second best brush cutter in India.

A multi-purpose brush cutter, optimally, this can be used for either the cutting down of foliage or also, for harvesting certain crops like wheat and rice.

It’s a top quality brush cutter that comes with a 3t metal blade and a nylon grass trimmer.

The design speaks of a portable machine. It’s been made to be lightweight and small in size for just that very purpose. It boats of 52cc engine and weighs nearly 9kgs.

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#3.Turner Tools Heavy Duty & Powerful Brush Cutter:

Best selling brush cutters to buy online in India

Another brush cutter that’s sold by Turner Tools.This is our third best brush cutter in India.

This one, however, is slightly more advanced boasting of a 52cc engine for starters.

A multi-purpose brush cutter; all the additional attachments come included and so is the handle and engine.

Not to forget but the safety gear, too, comes included giving this model a slightly different dimension. Perhaps, to a cautious consumer, this particular model shines through just a little bit more.

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#4.Neptune Electric Grass Trimmer/Brush cutter mover lawn clipping machine:

Best electric grass cutter or brush cutter in India

This electric brush cutter from Neptune is our fourth best brush cutter in India.

Unlike all the other brush cutters on this list, this is an electric brush cutter/grass trimmer. The handles of this brush cutter have been ergonomically designed to make it convenient to hold.

It works quick and is comparatively noiseless. What’s cool about this brush cutter is that certain dimensions of it can be customizable to make it ideal for every user, respecting his/her individuality.

The major features that really strike out are: easy to use, efficient operations & minimal noise pollution. For details about the exact power requirements, you can check the link given below.

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#5.Boston Brush Cutter 4 STROKE:

Top 7 Best brush cutter to buy online in India

This 4 stroke brush cutter from Boston brand is our fifth best brush cutter in India.

A 43 cc, 4 stroke engine, the Boston brush cutter is a highly efficient and powerful tool. It comes along with a number of attachments that really makes the product what it really is.

Some of the attachments are: a safety guard, 2 point blade, 80 blade teeths etc. It starts without too much of a fuss, noiseless and is quite emission efficient too. The engine has a 1L capacity.

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#6.Moryatools 52 CC Brush / Grass Cutter:

Best brush/grass cutter to buy online in India

This Brush cutter from Moryatools is our sixth best brush cutter in India.

Sold under the brand name of Moryatools, this is a 2 stroke, 52 cc engine. The maximum speed which the motor adopts is that of 11000RPM.

It’s a multi-purpose brush cutter that comes with a 3 teeth blade, nylon trimmer, mud guard and few other trivial items. Ultimately, this is a powerful brush cutter with a sleek design and high-utility.

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#7.Bosch ART 30 Combitrim 500-Watt Grass Trimmer:

Top 7 best brush or grass cutters to buy in India

This grass trimmer from Bosch brand is our last and seventh best brush cutter in India.

Another electric trimmer this one, to run at its best, it requires a steady supply of 500 Watt of power. The cutting diameter that it encloses is 30 cm, while the height of this brush cutter is customizable.

Based on your height and preferences, you can set the height anywhere between 80-115 cm. The elegant design catches the eye and makes it very hard to forget. A relatively light-weight brush cutter, it weighs just 4.3kgs.

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These are some of the best brush cutters you could buy online in India.

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