Best Beds with Price below 7,000 Rupees to buy in India

As of today, many people may argue that a bed is not a necessity. And in all prudence, that may actually be true. It’s definitely a commodity of luxury.

Intense competition in the marketplace has made this item of ‘luxury’ affordable for the masses. Today, you can purchase a bed for an amount as low as 2000 rupees.

Hence, we all have access to beds. If need be, even a person of the lower social class can purchase a small bed or a cot, to say the least.

This particular article however, is targeted towards the more affluent middle-class population of the country. The social class system divides the ‘middle class’ into two separate classes.

Upper and lower. A bed, a proper bed that costs less than 7000 rupees will definitely seem like a bargain to that strata of people who belong to the upper class.

Similarly, if it’s available at a ‘discounted price’ the lower strata may too get interested. And being Indians, we always look for a bargain.

Hence, keeping that in mind; here are some of the best bargains that you could ever wish for:

Top 7 Best Low cost beds with price under 7000 Rupees in India:

#1.Camabeds Needus Single Size Bed:

Best bed under 7000 rupees to buy online in India

Keeping comfort and practicality in mind; Camabeds designed the ‘Needus’ single sized bed.

The bed, conveniently sized with dimensions of: 190 x 70 x 38cm is foldable in nature and comes along with a 2 inch thick foam mattress attached to it.

Flexibility gives this model a dimension of practicality and the foam mattress, provides one with the much sought after comfort.

When not in use, it can easily be packed and stored anywhere at home.

Furthermore, it’s quite light weighing just 12kgs in total. The primary material that’s been used to make this bed is carbon steel.

Keeping a contemporary consumer in mind, it boasts of a design that seamlessly fits into such an abode. Strength, durability and flexibility: are its three core pillars.

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#2.FurnitureKraft FKDB3004 Queen Size Bed:

Good quality and affordable beds under 7000 rupees in India

FurnitureKraft are one of the leaders in the affordable bed segment of the market.

Here is an example of one of their queen sized beds.

Its precise dimensions are that of: 206 x 159 x 91cm. Made out of mild-steel; this model boasts of a black-glossy exterior giving it an air of modern design.

Ticking the checkbox when it comes to aesthetics, similarly, it’s quite a sturdy and durable bed that weighs nearly 30kgs.

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#3.Camabeds Smart Single Folding Guest Bed:

Best bed under 7000 rupees to buy online at

Another very practical model. This particular model that’s sold by Camabeds boasts of not only being foldable but also holds a spring base and a 2 inch thick mattress on top of it to provide one with a substantial degree of comfort.

The spring base contributes to not just comfort but also towards providing one’s body with the right amount of support.

Similar to the other model sold by Camabed, it’s made out of carbon steel, is black in colour and influenced by contemporary designs. This is a single bed with precise dimensions of: 190 x 70 x 38cm.

Attributable to its foldable design, it’s easy to store and is quite portable as well since it weighs just 10kgs in total. At once, the bed cannot sustain weights in excess of 90kgs.

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#4.Forzza Pat Single Folding Bed:

Top quality beds with price below 7000 rupees online in India

This is one more folding, single sized bed that comes along with a mattress.

The bed in itself, is black in colour and is made out of top-quality metal.

It’s simple in style and yet, influenced by contemporary artwork.

Since it’s foldable, it’s extremely space-efficient. Coming to its dimensions.

It’s not the biggest, nor the smallest but boasts of dimensions that are precisely: 193 x 81.3 x 28cms and weighs a substantial 17kgs.

Since it’s not the lightest of all foldable beds, it’s not the most portable one either.

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#5.HomeTown Elegant Metal Queen Bed:

Best and affordable beds from top brands with cost below 7000 rupees

Just a bed, not strings attached as in, no mattresses, no spring bases, nothing.

This is just the metal framework of a bed, something a good chunk of you would be looking for.

Queen size dimensions that are precisely: 78 x 65 x 37inches.

The metal frame is black in colour and boasts of a matte finish, that adds an aesthetic edge to this model.

Ideally speaking, this is the perfect frame for a spring mattress. Alone, this metal framework of a bed weighs nearly 30kgs.

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#6.FurnitureKraft London Metal King Bed:

Top beds under 7000 rupees to buy at Flipkart

The only king size bed on this list; the dimensions of this model are: 205.7 x 91.5 x 189.2 cm.

Although the entire framework of the bed is made out of high-quality steel; parts of it are also made out of wrought iron.

Being a king sized bed, naturally, it’s understood that it’s a double-sized bed and not a single sized one.

Its design reminds one of a mixture of modern and contemporary style and the entire bed alone weighs a substantial 28kgs.



#7.@home by Nilkamal Hydra Metal Single Bed:

Best beds under 7000 rupees to buy online in India from top brands

By expanding their operations, Nilkamal have started making metal products.

Primarily speaking, Nilkamal is a company that deals with plastic and plastic compound products.

This particular model is an example of their expansion efforts.

A single size,  carbon metal frame bed; it boasts of dimensions of: 115 x 112 x 199 cm.

When compared to other similarly sized beds, it’s comparatively much lighter weighing just 18kgs. Its design screams out of a mix between modern and contemporary style.



These are some of the best low cost beds that are available at a price around 7000 rupees.

As you could see all these beds are of metal and are small beds.If you are looking for an extra bed or guest bed kind of thing which is used occasionally then these beds might work for you.

But if you are looking for a bed for yourself or family for the longer run then these are definitely not ideal beds. You may have to spend few more thousands to find the ideal bed for yourself.

Here is the list of best beds under 12,000,top quality and popular beds under 15,000 rupees and best quality branded beds under 20,000 rupees.

Did you use any of these beds at your home?What’s your experience with those beds?

Please do comment if you are looking for any other information while choosing the right bed for your home.we are happy to help you with the required information.

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