Best Beds with Cost Under 12,000 Rupees in India

 Let’s begin this article by making two ‘bed-related’ generalizations:

  1. Bigger the bed; the more expensive.
  2. Rare/Fancier/ the material used; the more expensive.

If you are a price conscious consumer, then the above two points should serve as your ‘bed buying purchase guide’.

What do we a call consumer who can afford a bed that cost approximately 12000 INR? Price conscious? No, not really.

Beds that cost approximately 12000 Rupees aren’t particularly ‘cheap’. Nor are they the biggest and most expensive.

So most of you who are reading this article belong to the upper-middle class social strata of the population.

Hence, although you are looking for something ‘affordable’, at the very same time, you are also looking for something that will completely satisfy your need and also, look pretty.

Given below are seven of your best options online. Please do take a look and make a wise purchase decision:

Top 7 affordable beds with cost below 12,000 Rupees in India:

#1.Camabeds Easy Single Size Bed with Mattress:

Best bed under 12,000 rupees to buy online in India

Camabeds are space-efficient beds. They are single sized with precise dimensions of: 75 x 36 x 16 inches and foldable, too.

Ideally, beds such as this in particular functions as the perfect emergency bed.

When a guest is staying over and you don’t have a ‘guest-room’ perse, you still need to have a bed.

Being foldable, it’s very easy to store such beds when not in use. It’s black in colour and contemporary styled.

Made out of carbon steel, it’s not the lightest of all portable beds weighing nearly 23kgs. But it’s exactly this material that’s responsible for its extraordinary life-span.

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#2.Spacewood Joy Queen Size Bed:

Top beds under 12,000 rupees in India

A queen size bed; its precise dimensions are that of: 204 x 157 x 72cm. Considerable care has gone into making this model look like a modern piece of furniture.

The natural-wenge coloured bed is made out of engineered wood but finished with woodpore.

In an idealistic world; the size of the bed proves to be perfect for a mattress with dimensions of: 60 x 78 inches.

The bed does not come with any additional space that can be considered to be a storage space. It’s sturdy, elegant and very durable.

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#3.Camabeds Easy Single Size Folding Roll Away Bed:

Top qiality beds under 12k rupees to buy online in India

Another one of those perfect ‘guest-beds’ or ‘budget beds’; this is another foldable, space-efficient bed that’s sold under the brand name of Camabeds.

Unlike the model mentioned above, this particular model boasts of coming with a 5 inch thick mattress attached to it.

Yet, this does not hamper its flexibility in any way. The 75 x 36 x 18 inch big bed is still foldable in nature. It’s black in colour and primarily made out of carbon steel.

The coated carbon steel gives it an edge in terms of durability in diverse weather conditions.

Furthermore, just so that the bed is slightly portable, 360 degree rotating roller-wheels come attached at its very base.

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#4.Mortlake Iron/Metal King (6’0″) Bed:

Best bed under 12,000 rupees in India from top brands

Mortlake is a company that follows the British standards while manufacturing its products.

If that speaks for credibility; so be it. Being a king size bed; it’s ideal for a king size mattress with approximate dimensions of: 180 x 200cm.

The iron bed is manufactured using unique, European styled sprung slats. It’s precisely this tweak in design that separates Mortlake from the rest of the competition.

These superior slats result in providing the consumer with a more comfortable bed. This piece is available in multiple sizes and two main colours, being; ivory and black.

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#5.Forzza Hanna Metal Queen Size Bed:

Best quality and popular beds under 12,000 in India online

The multi-coloured; black and walnut exterior plays a significant role in catching one’s attention to this bed.

It’s primarily made out of steel, boasting of a contemporary design. The precise dimensions of this queen size bed are: 190 x 152 x 104cm.

Extra care has been taken by the company to make sure that this bed resembles those of the classic European era.

Whether Forzza has been able to achieve that particular resemblance or not, is upto debate. But what’s not upto debate is its natural aesthetic beauty.

Coupling beauty with support that’s provided by the extra-strong base of the bed; one gets a pretty perfect bed for the price in question.

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#6.Debono Urban AD NB Bed Engineered Wood Queen Bed:

Best bed under 12,000 rupees online at FLIPKART

This particular model boasts of a smart design. Not only is it a bed but it’s also a decent ‘small cabinet’.

At the head of the bed, the additional open area functions perfectly like a shelf and allows one to keep their daily needs right by their bedside, literally that is.

The precise dimensions of this bed are: 160.6 x 100 x 220.8cm. It has primarily been made out of engineered wood and particle boards.

The engineered wood gives it characteristics of sturdiness and durability while, it’s the particle board that gives it characteristics of a lightweight bed.

A sophisticated, modern-brown finish gives it a much needed makeover to make it look attractive in the eyes of the customers.



#7.GROVELAND ASPIRE Engineered Wood Single Bed:

Best bed under 12,000 rupees to buy online at Amazon India

A distinguishing facet of this bed: storage space. In terms of dimensions, it’s a single size bed.

Coming to which, its precise dimensions are that of: 96 x 82 x 195cm. This is a single size bed that’s compatible with a king-size mattress of dimensions: 75 x 36 inches.

Primarily made out of top-quality engineered wood and particle board; this is a strong, durable, sturdy and versatile design that’s extremely practical.

The additional storage space will definitely benefit you and can do the job of a trunk that’s supposed to hold all the useless, never-to-be-used again items.



All these beds are of good quality and kind of affordable to most of the people. Choose the right bed for your room based on bed size,quality and brand.

If you could spend few more thousands more,then there are even better options available to choose a bed.Here is the list of best beds under 15,000 rupees and best beds under 20,000 rupees that might be of good help to you.

Are you looking forward to buying a bed? Did the list helped you to pick the best bed with in your budget ?

Please comment with your feedback or questions,we would respond to you with in the short time possible.

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