Best Beds Under 15,000 Rupees to buy online in India

A person who can pay 15,000 Rupees for a bed can be considered to be financially well-off. Why? Well, if they can pay INR 15,000 for just the bed alone, how much do you think is that they actually spend on the entire bed, mattress, pillows etc. included? A rhetoric, yes, but nevertheless, the answer to it is: a substantial amount of money.

Therefore; it’s safe to make the following assumptions about the beds that make this list. All the beds are made out of some top-quality raw materials.

Most of these beds are sold by reputable brand names. And, most of these beds are either queen, king or just double-size beds.

That’s a brief overview on all the beds that make this list. If you are interested in the specifics, scroll below and take a look at each of the seven best models in detail:

Best Beds to buy online in India with cost below 15,000 Rupees:

#1.HomeTown Swril Queen Bed:

Best bed to buy for cost below 15,000 rupees in India

Made primarily out of engineered wood; this is a simple queen size bed with precise dimensions of: 81 x 62 x 35 inches.

It’s brown in colour and boasts of a melamine finish. Due to the melamine finish, it is both; water and stain resistant.

What this ultimately translates to is a durable bed. Sadly, it doesn’t provide the consumer with any kind of additional storage space.

Ideally speaking, this is the perfect bed if you are going to use a spring mattress and not some other kind of mattress.

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#2.Forzza Murray Single Size Bed:

Best beds under 15000 rupees in India

For starters, this is not just a ‘single size’ bed as mentioned in the title. It’s a sofa cum bed.

Moreover, it’s a sofa cum bed which can accommodate two sleeping people. There’s a lower trundle that when pulled out functions perfectly like one bed.

Also, the design of this product is such that when this ‘bed’ is not used as a bed you can instead, easily use it as a sofa.

The extra soft cushioning conveniently patrons this dual-usage. The entire bed is made out of top-quality engineered wood and boasts of dimensions of: 72 x 32 x 32 inches. It’s wenge coloured and modelled upon contemporary style.

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#3.FurnitureKraft LiftOn Queen Size Bed:

Best bed that can cost less than 15,000 rupees in India

A bed that comes with additional storage space has something extra. It’s a bed and a storage cabinet.

Multi-utilitarian. This facet attracts a whole special set of consumers. Models such as this particular queen size bed with dimensions of: 195.1 x 159.4 x 99cm; benefit from such additional wants.

A black-glossy finish allows this bed to seamlessly fit into any contemporary styled household/room.

The additional storage space is definitely an attractive facet of this bed. To derive the maximum satisfaction from this bed; it’s advisable to equip it with a 75 x 60 inch mattress.

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#4.Camabeds Easy Double Size Folding Roll Away Bed:

Good quality and popular beds under 15,000 rupees in India

Camabeds is known for their space-efficient beds. Here’s one of their models that proves to be a true testament for what they stand for.

It’s a double size, folding bed with precise dimensions of: 75 x 53 x 16 inches. It comes along with a 5 inch thick mattress attached to the framework of the bed.

The entire framework of the bed is made out of steel while, the upholstery material is that of fabric.

Beds such as this model prove to be perfect for emergency purposes and for small guest-houses cum hostel rooms.

The carbon steel is coated with some material that ensures that the bed remains in pristine condition irrespective of the weather abnormalities.

Furthermore, it’s equipped with castor wheels that facilitate extreme ease in movement at the time of storage or transfer of the bed.

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#5.Urban Ladder Mou Solid Wood Single Bed:

Best bed under 15000 rupees to buy in India

Urban Ladder is known for its innovation in everyday furniture designs. Its product are just for the more practical consumer.

For example; let’s take a look at this particular model. It’s a single size wooden bed that’s primarily made out of rubber wood.

Its dimensions are that of precisely: 99.1 x 38.6 x 198.1cm. This so-called ‘bed’ works well as a sofa cum bed, too.

It comes along with a detachable mattress that’s enveloped in a machine-washable cover.

Due to the impressive stitching; the utility derived of a bedsheet suddenly drops. As mentioned above; Urban Ladder is known for its practical designs.

The legs of the bed can very easily be dismounted from the mattress and vice-versa; thereby allowing a person to use the mattress separately and also facilitating easy transfer of the entire bed as a whole. Pocket-spring mattresses provide a customer with the perfect amount of support and comfort.


#6.Royal Oak Austin Queen Size Bed:

Top 7 best beds under 15,000 rupees India

Royal Oak is one well established furniture company. Hence, the name carries a certain amount of credibility.

A queen size bed, its precise dimensions are that of: 85 x 63 x 39inches. Brown in colour, boosted by a honey finish; aesthetically speaking this is a very attractive model.

Especially if one is looking for a bed that fits into a modern household. The entire bed is primarily made out of a combination of MDF and rubberwood. It’s quite an affordable, strong and a very durable purchase.

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#7.Spacewood Furnishers Tulip Queen Size Bed:

Best quality bed under 15,000 to buy online in India

As a whole, including the additional storage space the dimensions of this particular bed are: 206 x 156 x 75cm.

What these dimensions mean that it is a queen size bed. Vermont in colour, made out of engineered wood this is a highly contemporary styled model.

A really cool additional feature of this bed is that due to its finish and due to the materials used in its make, it is water, fungi and termite resistant.

Hence, one can confidently say that this is a durable bed. Not only is it durable, it is strong, fashionable and very practical too.

The designated additional storage space that’s set at the base of the bad can be easily accessed and opens from the top.

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These are the best beds that anyone could buy online in India with cost around 15,000 rupees.There are even much better beds available if you could afford few more thousands more.

Here is the list of best beds under 20,000 rupees which might be of great help to you.

We would also be writing about best beds under various price ranges so that you could check and buy a bed easily based on your budget.

Did the list help you to pick the right bed for your home?Please do comment with what ever suggestion/question you have and we promise to come back as soon as we could.

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