Best Bean Bag Refill To Buy Online in India

Part of what makes a bean bag so special, naturally, are its beans. You may be wondering why would you just need to purchase the beans of a bag alone.

Many companies who sell bean bags online prefer to sell the exterior covers of the bean bag and the beans separately. Why? Because of the logistical nightmare that a filled bean bag causes.

Therefore, if you are purchasing the cover, at some point of time you will need the beans as well. A word of advice to you: If you are purchasing the cover online, it would be smart to place an order for the beans on the very same day of the order. You will save time.

But more importantly, if you do this simultaneously, you can start wasting time chilling on your bean bag right from Day 1.

Based on the size of the bean bag, you will need to purchase the beans accordingly. Beans, too, vary in size.

Pay attention to detail or else risk losing out on the comforts that your bean bag has to offer.

Therefore, before you purchase the beans, be sure to know about the size and quantity of beans that you require. Then; you can look at some of these refills and choose the most appropriate one.Here’s the list:

Best bean bag Refills to buy online in India:

#1.HomeStrapTM 2 Kg Premium A Grade High Quality Bean Bag Refill / Filler:

Top 7 best bean bag refill in India

A 2kg bag; these are top quality polystyrene beans that one’s talking about.

Not only can these beans be used as fillers for your bean bags but also, if your kids have some stuffed toys that have lost some juice; feel free to buff them up with these superior beans.

Each bean proves to be the size of an ordinary pea. Don’t worry; it’s made out of top-quality raw materials and hence boats of a long life-span.

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#2.Style Homez 2 Kg High Density Bean Bag Refill:

Best bean bag refill to buy in India

Another 2kg bag; this particular bag contains high-density beans. Certain bean bags specifically require high-density beans.

These beans are made out of polyurethane and are extremely durable. More durable than the normal beans as they are high-density beans. Quality assured, durability assured; what more could you want?

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#3.Sattva Premium Bean Bag Refill Pack:

Best bean bag refill in India from top brands

Sattva are one of the leading bean bag sellers in India. Therefore, it’s not only their bean bags but also their beans that benefit from their strong brand name.

This is a 2kg bag of white coloured, expanded polystyrene beans. High-quality, it’s the perfect filler for not just Sattva bean bags but any bean bag that’s lacking fillers.

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#4.Uberlyfe Bean Bag Refill 2 Kg:

Best bean bag refill in India

Virgin-polystyrene beans and 2kgs full of them. Such are the contents of this bag of bean bag refills.

Each bean is the size of a pea. Each bean is made out of top-quality polystyrene and all of them are durable in their own right.

These beans are of dual purpose. Obviously, you can use it as a filler for your bean bag. But, it has another use.

These beans can also be used to fill up your kids stuffed toys. Kills two birds with one stone.

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#5.Style Homez 1 Kg Premium Bean Bag Refill:

Top 7 branded and best bean bag refill in India

Those of you who are looking for a little bit less quantity; here’s your calling.

Identical to the the other ‘Style Homez’ Refill bag in terms of content quality, the only difference is the quantity.

While the bag above contains 2kgs of beans, this bag contains 1kg of beans. It contains the same top-quality, durable polyurethane beans.

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#6.ORKA Candy Beans Bean Bag Filler:

Best and affordable bean bag refills in India

If you are looking for yet, a smaller bag when compared to the one above, maybe this 600gm bag will be absolutely ideal for you.

Although the bag as a whole weighs nearly 800gms, the beans make up just 600gms. These are high-density; 6-8mm sized beans.

Candy beans in general are much bigger and occupy a little bit more space than the standard beans.

Hence, in truth, the 600gms of candy beans can occupy nearly as much space as 1kg of normal standard beans.

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#7.Comfy Bean Refill:

Top 7 best bean bag refill to buy online in India

Comfy Bean Bags is another popular bean bag brand that holds a good image in the eyes of the consumers.

Not a bean bag but this is a 1kg filler bag that contains top, virgin quality high-density beans.

Primarily made out of EPS granules, these beans are not durable but they are considerably more voluminous, when compared to other beans.

Hence, with the same quantity, you can fill up a much larger bean bag than with standard beans.

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These are some of the best branded bean bag refills you could buy online at an affordable price.

How do you prefer to buy a bean bag for your home or office? Bean bag already filled or bean bag cover and beans separately?

Do share your experience.

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