Best Bean Bag brand & Best filled Bean Bags to buy online in India

The millennial population of India has embraced a new product. A bean bag. However, this should not come as a surprise to anyone. Both; the Indian millennial population and a bean bag embody sentiments that are closely tied to ‘chilling’.

What’s made the bean bag a really popular product in India is its comfort that’s ably complemented by its super-portable nature. Neither are they overly-priced. There are some brands that identified this opportunity before than others. Today, these brands can be considered to be the leaders in the Indian market.

Best Bean Bag Brands in India:

Top 4 Best bean bag brand in India

Comfy Bean Bags: Comfy is the brand name; not ‘Comfy Bean Bags’. Due to eye-catching, elegant design; Comfy bean bags are easily identifiable in a shop. All the bean bags are made out of top-quality leather. Designed keeping a modern outlook in mind, all of their bean bags are super-comfortable and known for their flexibility.

Orka Bean Bags: For an average Indian, exhibiting value for money is an important criteria for any product. Orka have addressed just that in the bean bag market. They are affordable and available in a wide array of designs. With such a broad appeal, it comes as no surprise that Orka has established themselves as the bean bag pioneers in the Indian market.

Jupiter Bean Bags: Known for the designer bean bags that they sell, apart from the designer bean bags; Jupiter sells various other kinds of bean bags. These bean bags aren’t the cheapest but nor are they exorbitantly priced.

Style Homez Bean Bags: Style Homez is another very popular brand. Its bean bag product line is quite impressive ranging from cotton bean bags to leather bean bags. Trying to reach a wider audience, Style Homez designs certain bean bags that are targeted towards niche markets. The best example being their bean bags that are specially designed for children.

Apart from these brands; some other brands that are worthy of mention would be: Repose, Baggo, Sattva, Can & Feel Good.

How many of these brands fit into the list of the best filled bean bags in India? Let’s find out:

Top 10 best filled bean bags to buy online in India

Top 10 Best Filled Bean Bags to buy online in India:

#1.Comfy Bean Bag – Size Xxxl – Filled with Bean Filler:

Best filled bean bags to buy online in India

Made out of top-quality leatherette, here’s a durable, long-lasting brown coloured Comfy bean bag. Keeping ergonomics in mind, it’s been designed in a manner that provides the back and neck of the user with adequate amount of support.

Furthermore, the unique 6 panel design further strengthens the bean bag and also gives it an air of comfort. The precise dimensions of this particular bean bag are: 67 x 122 x 117cm and it weighs around 4kgs.

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#2.Adevworld Football XXXL Bean Bag With Bean Filling:

Top 10 best filled bean bags to buy in India

The best way to watch a football game, if you are above the legal age that is, is with a pint of beer reposing on a bean bag. And to add to the festivity, what better than a football inspired bean bag?

Black and white in colour, looking just like a football and made out of leatherette, this is a top-quality bean bag.

The process of filling it with beans is simple enough and what comes to be an added on bonus is the fact that the fabric cover of the bean bag is waterproof and hence, in a way; stain-proof too.

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#3.ORKA Classic XXL Bean Bag Filled with Beans:

Best selling filled bean bags in India online

An XXL bean bag; its precise dimensions are: 61 x 61 x 106.7cm. These dimensions are said to be close to the ideal, height to width dimensions. The primary material that’s been used to make this particular bean bag is some kind of artificial leather.

Externally, the black and orange design is definitely eye-catching. It’s sturdy and can withstand weights upto 100kgs before the stitching starts to give way.

Furthermore, it boasts of a double layered stitching which gives it an aura of durability when compared to the other bean bags that are sold in this price-range. Maintenance is easy, especially since a child lock feature protects it from the destructive prowess of restless children.

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#4.Psygn Exquisite Teardrop Bean Bag With Bean:

Best bean bag brand in India

Tan brown in colour; here’s an XX sized bean bag. Its precise dimensions aren’t given however, the primary material that’s been used to make this is leatherette.

A double stitching coating gives it an air of durability. Add to that, a water-resistant fabric and you have got a bean bag with a long-life. Filling up the bean bag with the much required beans is no ardent task and can be performed by anyone.

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#5.ORKA Digital Printed Bean Bag XL:

Bets filled bean bags from Top brands in India

Because the conventional ‘leather’ look has lost its charm, brands are coming up with unique designs with which to adorne the bean bags. Here’s one such peculiar example.

A digital printed bean bag, it’s made out of artificial leather. It is black and green in colour and filled with high density beans that gives the bean bag a nice-bouncy feel to it.

The USP of the product is its correct dimensions, the height to width ratio is supposed to be just right. Accurately speaking, the dimensions are: 99.1 x 50.8 x 50.8cm. The entire bean bag weighs nearly 5kgs.

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#6.Style Homez Classic Bean Bag XXL Size Brown Color with Fillers:

Top 4 best bean bag brands in India

A conventionally styled, XXL bean bag; the precise dimensions of it are: 63 x 50 x 50cm. It’s a chocolate brown bean bag that’s made out of tested, high-quality raw materials.

A grade leatherette is the primary material that’s been used to make it. The fact that it weighs just 3.5kgs; makes it a comparatively lightweight bean bag. It looks good, feels good and lasts for a considerably long time, these are the characteristics of a perfect bean bag.

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#7.Beanskart XXL Size Premium Bean Bag With Beans:

Top 10 best bean bags filled with bean to buy online in India

It has been nearly two decades now since Beanskart have entered this market. Here’s one particular bean bag model that’s sold by them. Maroon in colour; its dimensions are that of: 70 x 70 x 45cm.

The primary material of it is artificial leather and its filling is naturally, styrofoam beans. Weighing just 2.5kgs; it is a highly portable bean bag and at the same time offers a considerable degree of comfort.

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#8.Rest n Sleep XXXL Bean Bag With Beans:

Top 10 best bean bag to buy online in India

With elegant and modern looks, in a market at least, this giant of a bean bag definitely stands out. It is turquoise in colour and the precise dimensions of this bean bag are exactly: 116.8 x 68.6 x 116.8 cm.

It is designed in a manner that the support to the back and neck regions is closely adhered to. Made out of high-quality leatherette, it is flexible, durable and strong.

Adjusting to the contours of your body, you will be comforted by the cocoon like atmosphere that’s exuded by this bean bag. Considerably sized and yet, it weighs only 3kgs in total.

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#9.Orka Triangle Bean Bag & Puffy Filled with Beans:

Top 10 best bean bags from best brands in India

A triangular bean bag is simply a bean bag that’s been designed to provide your back and neck with a substantial amount of support. This Orka triangle bean bag is made out of not leatherette but instead it’s made out of vinyl.

Characteristic to Orka bean bags; the USP lies in its perfect dimensions. The ratio between its height and width is nearly perfect. Looking at the dimensions a little bit more closely; they measure up to precisely: 78.7 x 63.5 x 40.6 cm.

It’s filled with high-density beans due to which it turns out to be a bouncy bean bag. The double child-proof lock will almost ensure that it has a long-life.

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#10.Sattva Denim EVSD00527 XXXL Bean Bag with Beans:

Top 10 filled bean bags from best bean bag brands in India

The only denim bean bag on this list, already makes it stand out in a way. XXXL in size; its exact dimensions are: 71.1 x 71.1 x 129.5cm. A pleasant surprise; it’s just as comfortable if not more comfortable than leather based bean bags.

The maximum capacity that it can hold is 150kgs and depending on the usage, the beans need to be refilled. Refilling the bean bag however, is not too cumbersome a process.

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These are the best bean bags filled with beans to buy online in India. Choose one from the list which will be most comfortable to you based on the size.

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