Best Bath Towels to buy online in India

We use a towel everyday. But do we give a lot of thought about, what brand the towel is? Does the towel have any features or additional benefits? Generally speaking, no.

While buying a towel a common Indian looks at just a few things;

Following a common Indian man’s mindset, an ideal towel is one which is affordable, soft and of course, it has to be of the colour to their liking.

So as you can see, Indian’s aren’t too picky about their towels. Hopefully, one of these towels given below is to your liking.

Best bath towels to buy online in India

Here are some of the best bath towels that you can purchase online.

Top 13 Best bath towels to buy online in India:

#1.Solimo 100% Cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set:

Best Bath towels to buy online in India

If you are a brand conscious consumer, Solimo towels may just suit your needs.

For example, this towel. It is not super expensive and the towels are made using top quality cotton, which is both: super soft and highly absorbent.

This set of towels contains 2 pieces, one red and the other blue. Both the towels weigh 150 GSM and are fade-resistant, hence, long-lasting too. The dimensions of these towels are: 140 x 70 cm.

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#2.looms & weaves – 3 Bath Towels:

Best quality bath towels for your bedroom

This set includes 3 towels that are of striped design, thin and extremely light in weight. All the towels are multicoloured and are made by handloom.

What distinguishes these towels from the other ones is their design. They are extremely thin and yet, super capable of absorbing a lot of water.

Since they are thin, they dry up much faster than the regular plush towels. The dye that’s used to colour these towels is completely natural and free of all chemicals.

What’s more is that these towels are even shrink resistant. All in all, they are really affordable and useful although, their aesthetic appeal could be considered to be below par when compared to other bath towels.

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#3.Salad Dayz highly absorbent & durable towels:

top 10 best bath towels to buy online in India

Dark grey in colour, this is just a singular towel rather than a set. Apart from grey, it comes in number of different colours as well.

The primary material that’s used to make this towel is cotton. It has a GSM of 650, which indicates that the towel is quite dense, heavy and capable of being highly absorbent.

It’s soft, considerably durable and affordable, too, with dimensions of: 75 x 135 cm.

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#4.Sathiyas Cotton Bath Towel Pack of 4:

Best quality and affordable bath towels to buy online

As the name suggests, this towel set includes 4 different towels each of different colours. All the towels are 2.5 x 5ft, big and are made out 100% pure cotton.

The fabric as a result is very smooth and highly water absorbent. In addition to all of this, these towels are considered to be skin-friendly and are extremely light-weight.

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#5.Avira Home Plush Egyptian Cotton Bath Towel:

Best water absorbent bath towels to buy online in India

People who have an affinity towards plush towels, will really like this particular one. Again, the main material is cotton and it has a GSM of 650, indicating its plush-ness.

The plush-ness in turn, indicates the softness of the towel and its ability to absorb water. A unique characteristic of this towel is that the materials used in it have been OEKO TEX approved, an international standard that ensures that the materials do not have any harmful influence on the consumer.

The towel is purple in colour, 70 x 124 cm big and is shrink-resistant. Washing the towel is not a hassle and what’s really cool is that despite the density of the towel, it drys up really quickly.

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#6.Nothing Beyond ultra-plush highly durable towels:

Best Cotton bath towels to buy online in India

Another one of those plush towels, this one, is maroonish-red in colour and is 75 x 150 cm big. Cotton again, is the primary material that’s been used to make this towel.

It is super soft, highly-absorbent and quite durable. The towel has a GSM of 700, which so far, makes this the plushiest towel that’s on this list.

It can be washed in a machine or manually, all that needs to be ensured is that the wash is gentle in nature.

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#7.Kurtzy® 100% Pure Cotton Turquoise Terry Bath Towel Turkish:

Top quality bath towels from best brands in India

This is 100% pure cotton towel that’s turquoise in colour. But you already knew that the second you read the title.

However, what you didn’t know is that this towel has a GSM of 450 and is free of many chemicals that generally go into the process of making a towel.

This towel isn’t too thick nor too thin, it can be considered to be just right. It’s soft and capably of holding substantial quantities of water.

Its dimensions are that of: 160 x 75 cm. The towel is washable but still, certain instructions do need to be followed while washing it.

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#8.Cotton Colors Bath Towels:

Best cotton bath towels set to buy online in India

The set includes 6 towels and is yet, cheaper than some of the individual towels sold. All the towels are very simple in design.

They aren’t plush, rather, they are extremely thin. The benefit of that being, they dry up much faster than the bigger, more dense plush towels.

Also, they are much, much lighter in weight. All the towels are of dimensions: 75 x 150 cm. What this set represents is nothing but value for money.

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#9.Jikko – ReFresh 100% Cotton 2 Piece Luxury Bath Towel Set:

Best luxury bath towels to buy online in India

Red and brown in colour, come 2 pieces of towels both of which are: 75 x 150 cm big. Made out of 100% cotton, they are extremely soft and plush.

The design of the towels is such that it lasts for a long-period of time even after rigorous, daily use. These towels are naturally super absorbent and are in fact, quite easy to maintain.

They weigh 500 GSM and are washable in the machine, provided that certain instructions are followed.

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#10.Pure Cotton Extra Absorbent 650 GSM Cotton Bath Towel:

Superior quality cotton bath towels to buy online in India

Anyone for dull-coloured towels? The 3 towels are white, brown and charcoal in colour. They weigh 650 GSM and have dimensions of: 75 x 150 cm.

These towels are super soft, plush and extra absorbent. The good part about these towels is that despite the plushness they dry up quite easily and can washed in a washing machine.

The fabric is soft and durable and at the end of the day, these towels are sold by a somewhat reputable brand as well, that adds to the aura surrounding the product.

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#11.Nothing Beyond Finest Quality Luxury Towels:

Best and Finest quality bath towels to buy online in India

As the name and the price suggest, these towels are truly for the affluent personalities. This is the densest towel on the list with a GSM of 800.

Just imagine how plush and dense a towel can be and perhaps, this will match your expectations. It is green in colour and 75 x 150 cm big.

Naturally, it is made out of 100% cotton and is super soft and highly-absorbent. The way it is made ensures the user of a blissful post-bath experience.

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#12.Trident 400 GSM 2 Pcs Medium Bath Towels:

Good quality cotton bath towels to buy online at

This set of towels includes 2 pieces which are purple and blue in colour. They have a GSM of 400 and are made out of cotton.

The dimensions of these towels are: 57 x 120 cm. What’s really cool about these towels is the fact that they are fade-resistant and even after washing, the fabric of the towel is expected to maintain its texture.

These towels can be washed but again, certain precautions need to be taken before, at the time and after the wash.

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#13.Fresh From Loom Cotton Bath Towel:

Top 13 best bath towels to buy online in India

This set includes 4 bath towels, each of which are of different colours. The dimensions of all of them however, are the same and are: 27 x 54 inch, to be precise.

Cotton is the primary material that’s used to make these towels and as a result of which, they are super soft to touch and highly absorbent in nature.

These towels are quite nice on the skin and they don’t lose their texture even after multiple washes. They are shrink resistant and dry super quickly, too.

All in all, this is a very consumer friendly set as it’s affordable, aesthetic and utilitarian all at the same time.

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These are the best quality ,affordable and good looking bath towels you could buy online in India.

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