About Us

Online shopping is growing exponentially in India and furniture as a segment is also growing rapidly. Though people buying furniture online is not comparable if one looks at smart phones or home/kitchen appliances.

The reason being not many known brands in Furniture segment and most of the people who sell furniture online are small or single shops.That is nothing to do with online stores only as Furniture as a category has not many standard and well known brands.

It will change slowly as more and more furniture shops are joining online to offer their products.

This site was developed with the intention to help and educate people about furniture online in India.We intend to provide information on new furniture items being added to online stores ,new brands listed online, selection guides for helping people to choose right product(s),list of best products to pick for easy selection.

We also intend to provide deals and offers by ecommerce stores like Amazon.in and FLIPKART.com during special sales or when discounts are being offered.

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